Truck and Trailers

Berger Paints International retains its position as a prominent supplier to truck and Trailer manufacturers and works across the East African region, providing coating systems that provide robust value added features to the respective trailer manufacturers. With a varied range of epoxy and polyurethane 2K solid color systems available in our portfolio.

Epoxy Coating Features –

Robbialac Epilac Zinc chromate/phosphate primers HB

  • High build coating based on a high molecular weight epoxy resin with rust inhibitive pigments and forms an ideal inter coat for many types of steel, concrete and protective coating needs
  • It is a two-component product cured with an appropriate catalyst
  • With the extra thickness it builds up it ensures a good build coat over the protective primer and the top coat polyurethane or epoxy top coats
  • Exhibits excellent resistance to moderate conditions of acidic, bases and various other chemicals
  • Has good flow and outstanding mechanical properties, accompanied with good wear and tear resistance

Polyurethane Coating Features-

viton 2k topcoats/clear coat

  • High quality acrylic polyol based topcoat finish and forms a two component product with a suitable curing agent
  • The product is designed to have high pigmentation or a clear top coat with ability of accepting metallic pigments
  • Good film built up with good flow properties
  • The post cured film has good mechanical properties along with flexibility and toughness
  • Being an acrylic product it is especially known for non-yellowing properties and good weathering resistance
  • Good film built up with good flow properties