Telecom Towers

Berger Paints tower coating systems provide excellent adhesion to GI and mild Steel substrates; offering robust rust inhibitive/anti corrosive properties, and color retention to conform to civil aviation standards for demarcation in the East African Region.

Passivating Wash features

  • Single pack aqueous solution of Phosphoric Acid containing copper salts
  • Required for the degreasing and surface preparation of galvanized structures prior to painting
  • The wash creates a reaction which aids in the adhesion of the subsequent coats

Anti-Corrosive Primer features

  • VOC compliant single pack system
  • Based on weather resistant acrylic copolymer technology by using Special Corrosion inhibiting pigments
  • Designed for use as a primer for structural steel, in a wide variety of general industrial environments of light to moderate corrosivity
  • Provides excellent adhesion for subsequent topcoats

Enamel Emulsion Topcoat Features

  • Water based Enamel coating suitable for exterior and interior usage for mild steel, Galvanized and timber substrates
  • Low VOC
  • Fast drying and produces a tough and durable coating to resist weathering affects
  • Suitable for both protective and decorative requirements
  • Available in pastel shades and exhibits a moderate sheen finish