Carton Sealer

  • Special type of water based Adhesive made of a Homo polymer based composition
  • used for sealing cartons during packing in various industries
  • Gives the end user satisfactory performance with good bonding with the flaps of various types of cartons while packing

Designed Use:

  1. It is strongly recommended as a sealer for all types of cartons and other packing materials made of paper, where large scale quick stacking is necessary
  2. Can be used for binding other paper related products for similar performances


  1. As per customer requirement.


  1. The estimated coverage Of STRONGHOLD CARTON SEALER is very subjective depending on the absorption of the paper. 1 kg should cover approximately 5 – 6 M² at a practical thickness

Surface Preparation:

  1. Clean the surface to be bonded free from dust and other moieties that would be detrimental for poor binding of the sealer
  2. No water is recommended for mixing before application
  3. Apply a liberal coat of the adhesive by means of a brush to the papers meant for binding giving a uniform spread either through and through or at the corners
  4. No set time is required as they are meant to be stacked one over the other which causes the bonding
  5. Flip the flap and just close it from all ends
  6. The setting and complete drying continues after stacking under service condition

*Do not apply the STRONGHOLD carton sealer directly if the conditions are wet

Method of application:

  1. By brush, with a quick and uniform swipe

Pack Sizes:

  1. Available in plastic pails of 20L in 20kg packs