Zinc Chromate Primer

  • Synthetic alkyd primer containing Zinc in its derived form
  • Contains rust inhibitive and protective pigments
  • Gives assured long term protection of steel and metal substrates
  • Good drying properties and offers a good anchorage for the subsequent coats with adequate adhesion

Designed Use:

  1. Strongly recommended for the protection of Ferrous metals or other metals after suitable treatment
  2. Can be applied to non-blasted surfaces and shop primers, with sufficient surface preparation


  1. Standard shades are available Red and Yellow


  1. The theoretical coverage of ROBBIALAC ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER would be approximately 8-10 M²/liter at a Dry film thickness of 30 µ

*Due consideration must be given to the evenness of the surface and the nature of the substrate.

Surface preparation:

    1. Avoid humid conditions >95% and also dew point of <3% for application
    2. The expected life span is directly related to the surface cleanliness and proper application.
      1. It is therefore mandatory to remove the grease, oil, wax by solvent cleaning
    3. Any rust or salts can be removed by dry brush, chipping, needle gun or spot blast Soluble salts must be washed and dried before the painting job
    4. Possible weld spatters/spots should be trimmed, rounded and surfaced before the painting job
    5. Stir well with a convenient mixing equipment for uniformity to ensure good mixing of all the components
    6. One or two coats of ROBBIALAC ZINC CHROMATE can be applied as required 

*Not suitable for immersed conditions & cannot be coated with 2K, Vinyl & aromatic thinned alkyd systems.

Method of application:

  1. By roller/brush and if large areas are to be painted one can use suitable spray application.
  2. To keep the brush/roller and spray equipment in good condition for use, clean the same in ROBBIALAC G.P THINNER and dry them immediately after application.

Thinning recommendation:

  1. ROBBIALAC G.P THINNER solvent and to the extent of maximum of 10% of the paint by volume.
  2. Stir well with a convenient mixing equipment for uniformity to ensure good mixing of all the components

Pack Sizes:

  1. Available in metal tins of 1 and 4 liter packs