Water Repellent Coat

  • A single component solvent based and clear coating/sealing material designed for application over porous surfaces, demonstrating high degree of repellency against potential water and moisture attack.
  • Solvent based repellency coating
  • Good depth of penetration
  • Tack free drying
  • High alkaline resistance
  • Effective even on damp substrates

Designed Use:

  1. Robbialaac Water Repellent Coat is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral construction materials like as:
  • Brick work
  • Mineral based natural and artificial stone
  • Sand lime brick
  • Cement fiber boards
  • Mineral plasters
  • Mineral paints
  • All kinds of concrete


The theoretical coverage of Robbialaac Water Repellent Coat would be approximately   as below:

  • Natural stone :               0 – 2.5 M²/ Litre
  • Sand – Lime Brick :               0 – 1.5 M²/ Litre
  • Concrete :               5 – 1.0 M²/ Litre
  • Plaster :               0 – 1.5 M²/ Litre
  • Brick work :               5 – 1.5 M²/ Litre
  • Aerated Concrete :               5 – 2.0 M²/ Litre
  • Cement fiberboard :               3 – 0.5 M²/ Litre
  1. Pack Sizes:
  • 20 liters pail and 5 liter jerry can. 
  • The material is to be stored in well ventilated rooms at an ambient temperature not more than 30°c and in original containers.
  • Keep away from source of direct heat and ignition.
  1. Shelf Life:
    1. Best before one year from the date of manufacture in original sealed container. Identification labels convey all relevant matters.

Surface preparation:

  1. The surface to be painted needs to be clear of all grease, laitance and fungal growth
  2. For best results use ROBBIALAC ANTIFUNGICIDE WASH for effective preparation
  1. Method of application:
    1. Apply several coats wet on wet, until the substrate is saturated
    2. Generally two to three coats suffice for all substrates
    3. Do not leave long breaks in between coats, apply the next coat when the substrate has absorbed the previous coat and is no longer shiny (maximum time: 15 minutes @ 30° C)
    4. The required quantity of Robbialac Water Repellent Coat depends on the absorbency of the substrates