Stucco Putty (Internal & External Application)

  • A co-polymer based undercoat formulated with pigments of good alkali resistant properties
  • The product is a high loaded composition and is used mainly for filling surface irregularities, construction flaws, indentations and hairline cracks
  • By applying this stucco the surface is rendered smooth with good leveling and gives good anchorage so as to satisfy the application of the top coats.
  • Available in interior or exterior formulation.

Designed Use:

  1. It is strongly recommended for interiors/exteriors on concrete, lime, cement plasters, false ceilings and gypsum boards, respectively.
  2. It is recommended over suitable primers and as an undercoat for the subsequent coats.


  1. Available as per requirement


  1. The theoretical coverage of ROBBIALAC STUCCO PUTTY would be approximately 2- 3 M² /kg at a Dry film thickness of app 100 to 250 µ.

*Due consideration must be given to the evenness of the surface and the nature of the substrate.

  1. Avoid humid conditions >95% and also dew point of <3% for application
  2. The expected life span is directly related to the surface cleanliness and proper application.
  3. The surface to be painted needs to be clear of all grease, laitance and fungal growth
  4. Wooden surfaces:
    1. It is strongly recommended that the wood surface be treated with ROBBIALAC WOOD PRESERVATIVE
    2. Accordingly apply ROBBIALAC STUCCO PUTTY to fill all cracks and irregularities
  5. Plaster, masonry and concrete:
    1. For best results use ROBBIALAC ANTIFUNGAL WASH for effective preparation on fungus affected areas
    2. Apply a single coat of ROBBIALAC ACRYLIC PRIMER UNDERCOAT WHITE/ACRYLIC BINDER CLEAR as an initial coat to provide thorough binding properties for the stucco.
    3. ROBBIALAC STUCCO PUTTY can be applied to fill all cracks and surface undulation for smooth surface
    4. We recommend applying one coat of ROBBIALAC ACRYLIC PRIMER UNDERCOAT WHITE/ACRYLIC BINDER CLEAR to provide thorough binding of the final water based top coat
  6. Painted surfaces that require refurbishing can be prepared by removing the flakey old paint and proceeding with the procedure described above.

*Not suitable for immersed conditions & cannot be coated with 2K, Vinyl & aromatic thinned alkyd systems.

Method of application:

  1. Apply by means of a putty knife or a broad bladed knife and spread it evenly on the surface to smoothen
  2. After application, some light sanding is required to remove the applications excesses
  3. Allow to dry complete before the next coat is applied

Thinning recommendation:

  1. Not required

Pack Sizes:

  1. Available in plastic pails of 4,10,20 in 6/20/30 KG packs