• Clear composition on modified Epoxy Resins to form a two component product cured with an appropriate Catalyst
  • It is most suitable as a protective coating top coat that can give good chemical resistance with hard and tough film upon curing
  • Being an Epoxy based composition it exhibits excellent resistance to moderate conditions of Acidic, Bases and various other chemicals
  • It has good flow and outstanding mechanical properties, with good wear and tear resistance

Designed Use:

  1. Can be used for both, interior/exterior on metal and wood products


  1. Available as per requirement


  1. The theoretical coverage of ROBBIALAC EPILAC CLEAR VARNISH would be approximately 7 – 9 M²/liter per coat at a Dry film thickness of 30 -40 µ per coat

Surface Preparation:

  1. Avoid humid conditions >95% and also dew point of <3% for application
  2. The expected life span is directly related to the surface cleanliness and proper application.
    1. It is therefore mandatory to remove the grease, oil, and wax by solvent cleaning
    1. Stir well each component with convenient mixing equipment for uniformity to ensure good mixing of all the components

*Not suitable for perpetual wet conditions. The product will not cure below 10°c, dry heat resistance is 120°c. 

Method of application:

  1. By roller/brush and if large areas are to be painted one can use suitable spray application
  2. To keep the brush/roller and spray equipment in good condition for use, clean the same in ROBBIALAC EPILAC THINNER and dry them immediately after application

Thinning recommendation:

  1. ROBBIALAC EPILAC THINNER and to the extent of maximum of 10-15% of the varnish by volume.
  2. Stir well with a convenient mixing equipment for uniformity to ensure good mixing of all the components.

Pack Sizes:

  1. Available in metal tins in ½, 1 and 4 liter packs